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A touch of true Tuscan style is given by the mixed linen placemats of ancient manufacture, by the vinegar of Volpaia and by EVO oil always synonymous with this land.The extra virgin olive oil also enriches the cream spread with chocolate and then move to the cosmetics in the hand cream and in the melting body butter.A package of ancient grain flour stone-ground will be the basis for an excellent Tuscan bread and for a bruschetta with green olive sauce.The choice of flavored salts together with the mediterranean mustard and with the yellow mustard will help in the kitchen. The almond cantucci will be a final sweet note along with the organic infusions grown and harvested in our territory.



RED WINE VINEGAR 500 ml- “Compagnia di Volpaia” aged in oak barrels
MELTING BODY BUTTER gr 300- “Prima Spremitura” with organic extra-virgin Tuscan olive oil
ALMOND CANTUCCI gr 250- “Forno a Legna “ of Panzano in Chianti
CIOCOEVO gr 150- “DiVinoEssenza” cream spreadable with EVO oil
HAND AND NAIL CREAM 150 ml- “Prima Spremitura” with organic extra-virgin Tuscan olive oil
EVO OIL 500 ml- Organic extra-virgin olive oil from Chianti farm
ANCIENT GRAIN FLOUR kg1- “Il Sole di Grignanello” stone ground
MEDITERRANEAN MUSTARD- “Antica Macelleria Cecchini”(peppers,chili pepper, wine vinegar)
PLACEMAT mixed linen- “Busatti” ancient Tuscan weaving
SCENT OF CHIANTI- “Antica Macelleria Cecchini”(sea salt,Chianti herbs)
LEMON SALT gr 100- “Antico Colle Fiorito” organic farm
CHILI PEPPER SALT gr 100- “Antico Colle Fiorito” organic farm
GREEN OLIVE SAUCE gr 200- “Antico Colle Fiorito
YELLOW MUSTARD - “Antica Macelleria Cecchini”(yellow mustard, apple vinegar,flour 00)
NOTEBOOK cm 9x13- “Kartos” ancient Tuscan line
ANTISTRESS BIOINFUSION - “Flora” organic farm
SWEET DREAMS BIOINFUSION- “Flora” organic farm

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