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My story and the story behind our
shop ...

My name is Marina Cecchini and since 1999 I dedicate myself to the selection of high quality Italian products - particularly from Tuscany. I was born into a family where tradition and eating well was paired with passion for art and culture of our territory. I started this adventure together with my husband, happy to spread the love and admiration for our traditions, here in the middle of Tuscany. After my husband died I decided to carry on with our project. Despite the challenging times I want to keep sharing the culinary and cultural goodness of Tuscany with the rest of the world. Running the “Bottega Bernini” is not my only job. I also rent out apartments and rooms on our properties in Panzano. My goal is to make everyone feel at home and to relax. We do this involving them in guided tours with my son, Nicola Bernini, professionally looks after and delighting them with excellent cuisine prepared in my brother's Dario Cecchini, famous restaurants.

The quality of our
products ...

The products we sell here at Bottega Bernini are numerous and have all been produced nearby, either in Panzano in Chianti or then very close to our little village in the heart of the Chiantishire. We are close with all our suppliers being a big circle of friends, all eager to share with the rest of the world the goodness of our territory we are so happy to belong to.